Hammer & Saw Films was founded in 2009 by us, William Peters and Michael Mooney.

We both attended Colby-Sawyer College and met at a party in 2003, and lets just say things progressed from there…

…actually, nothing progressed and we didn't speak for six years. We lost touch and it wasn't until the Summer of 2009 that we were reunited at a Colby-Sawyer College function. After some small talk and some chit-chat, we were at town hall, filing the necessary legal papers for co-ownership of a company…

…Or something like that. Whatever. Someone filed something and we had a company. Big deal.

We started work on our first project, MOTEL, in January 2010. Had we ever tried to make a film before? No. Did we know the first thing about making a film? Sure. Well, kind of. I had made an instructional video for a mastectomy bra – but that's it.

We knew we had to at least try and see if we were capable of making a film worth watching. So we scraped together $500, found some phenomenal actors, some friends with gear and shot the thing in Bedford, NH. We spent several months editing MOTEL and realized halfway through, what we had wasn't half bad. Maybe we would show this to someone. By fall of the same year, MOTEL was screening in festivals across the country, garnering several awards such as Best Comedy and Best of Fest at SNOB (Somewhat North of Boston Film Festival) and Best of Fest at The Rochester International Film Festival.

What we realized is that your first film is really all the film school you need. You just need a semi- decent idea and the confidence to go and shoot it. A few friends with some gear doesn't hurt either.