Exit 7A (2012)

On his way to a family gathering, Paul decides to offer a ride to a hitchhiker. In an effort to make conversation, Paul asks the stranger why she's headed to exit 7A. After she answers, 'To kill someone,' it's now her turn to ask a question:

Does Paul think he can stop her?

Background and Production

Exit 7A began as a short story by horror/thriller writer, Asher Ellis. Originally published in the now extinct independent literary magazine, “The Oddville Press”, the story’s conclusion never felt entirely satisfactory to its author. After reading the story, I approached Asher and asked if he would be willing to adapt his story for the screen. He agreed, and we began months of workshopping the new script. We wanted to improve the overall story while maintaining the tone and theme of the original.

We offered the role of Paul to our good friend and creative partner, Ben Watts, who returned after his role as “The Clerk” in our first film, MOTEL. We auditioned several actresses for the part of the Hitchhiker and found newcomer Angela Borrello who tackled a difficult role that demanded she be emotionless yet engaging. Many other familiar faces rejoined the Hammer & Saw team for this production, including co-founder of Hammer & Saw Films, Michael Mooney, sound designer and aerial photographer Tim Joy, along with a cameo by stage actor, Joshua Heggie.

We shot the film in two days on location in Ludlow, Vermont in the spring of 2011 with a budget of $500. It took us about a year to cut the film together – and we even shot two other films while editing Exit 7A.

Exit 7A made it's premier at “Windcrossing: A Festival of Sight and Sound” in April 2012, exactly a year after we began production.