It's Not Not Safe (2012)

Sibling jewel thieves Newt and Ray are about to crack the biggest safe of their lives. Little did they know that Archie, their getaway driver, has ulterior motives and is about to take the duo someplace neither could have imagined.

Background and Production

In October 2011, Mike and I approached Colby-Sawyer College Professor Donna Berghorn with the idea of making films based on student written short plays. The idea was to introduce students to independent filmmaking by showing them step by step how to produce a film from concept through post-production. We decided to test the idea on two of our own short plays, “The Checkup” and “It's Not Not Safe” which were produced by the College that winter.

Colby-Sawyer College Senior Joseph Delaney became the projects' student coordinator, assistant director and editor of the two films – which he used as his final senior project.

Production began in December with students, alumni, staff and community members helping out as cast and crew.

It's Not Not Safe was filmed in two days in a vacant jewelry store in Claremont, New Hampshire.